Class 12 Student Checks His Own Exam Paper, Gives Himself Full Marks, Obviously


It’s always a warning sign when a student who failed in six other subjects scores a 100 in one. Either he’s really good at that subject, or he’s carrying a red marker pen to the exam hall and marking his own paper.

The latter was the case in Gujarat, when a class 12 student first wrote his economics paper and then allegedly marked himself 100 out of a total 100 marks with red ink before submitting it to his supervisor, the Times of India reported.

He faces charges of copying after the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) filed a case against him and will have to now answer to the examination reforms committee.

Apart from the 100 he gave himself, he got 13 marks in Gujarati, 12 in English, 4 in Sanskrit, 20 in sociology, 5 in psychology, and 35 in geography. He did not put his grand sum total on the front page of his economics paper to avoid suspicion, GSHSEB secretary (examination) GD Patel told TOI.

He allegedly tried the same trick for his geography paper too, but alert teachers caught the error. The economics error was thrown up by a computer software.



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